Thursday, June 30, 2011

Photography Certificate Officially Finished!

Yea! I made it through! I finally finished something! I had everything done and printed DAYS in advance!(Big accomplishment for me, usually I'm a "the night before" or "morning of" type person). A weight has been lifted! One less thing on my to do list.  I still plan on doing more courses...just for fun. The wedding one starts on Thursday...I'm excited!

Below is my written proposal and my pictures if you would like to take a look...tell me what you think!

The Little Things

“Beauty is the promise of Happiness” – Stendhal

In today’s ever changing world, mixed with the increasingly busy lifestyle people are rarely aware of the beauty in the little things that surround them. Most people spend their commute on their smart phone, playing games, reading emails, facebooking, and texting. I want to encourage people to be more aware of their surrounding and use their smart phone to capture it.


“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it” – Confucius

I will observe my surroundings closely and determine the unlikely beauty that may often be missed in the rush of everyday life. I will focus on things that make me smile; people, buildings, objects, patterns all seen from the eye of a commuter.


I was hoping to do most of the shooting from the queen 501 street car. I will to do some of my shooting on my morning and evening commute, However because my work commute is short I will do a complete ride of the 501 queen street route over two days. First day will involve taking test shots, making notes of points of interest, and review of test shots. Second day will be used for shooting.


Camera: IPhone 4 - Hipstamatic 210 A
  • John S Lens
  • No Flash
  • Ina 1969 Film
  • Use of negative space, patterns, people, color, lines
  • “Urban Photography” style
  • Retro finish produced primarily by the IPhone App
  • Minimal Photoshop adjustments
  • Thick, Matte Paper


“The negative is the equivalent of the composer’s score, and the print is the performance.” ~Ansel Adams

The Goal is to print a series of 10-12 pictures that encourages others to look around them and capture some everyday beauty.














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