Thursday, May 26, 2011

Missing in action...

I haven't been posting again! At least this time I didn't have a mental break down..I've just been outside. It's been a busy few weeks even though I feel like I haven't accomplished much. I went to the gym at least once a week and have been doing some gardening and that a little bit of exercise at least. I have completely fallen off the wagon with my healthy eating, but at least I didn't gain.

Here a sum up of my past few weeks:
  • Cleaned windows inside and out...with help from Mark
  • Cleaned entire Apartment except the spare room
  • Swapped out summer and winter clothes...gave a full garbage bag of clothes away
  • Had a golfing lesson and played 9 holes on simulator with work (we have entered into a golfing tournament)
  • Played my first round of golf ever on real course with Mark, Jenn, & Irma
  • Booked flight and hotel for CJ's & Cheryl's wedding in August
  • Booked ticket home for Christmas (I am on the ball this year!)
  • Planted some plants under my apartment windows ( hopefully this will keep the apartment cleaner!)
  • Spent some time lounging and BBQing in the "Yard"
  • Saw the movie "Bridesmaids"....Awesome!
  • Set up the BBQ at work...mmm lunch time BBQ's
  • Worked on the Photography assignment...not going very well pictures are very boring....argh!

This weekend I hope start getting back on track with my eating & drinking... starting with breakfast, thinking about trying overnight oats and Smoothies. Anyone know where to find some good recipes?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

I love Skype and IPhone 4! Today I went to Toronto Island. It was a beautiful day, I sat and read up on my photography while Mark tried his hand catching the elusive (thank god!) Carp in the canals (I keep picturing the three eyed fish from the Simpsons). While I was sitting on the pier I decided to call my Mom…it is Mothers day after all. I didn’t just call her though I Skype’d her on my IPhone and I was able to show her all around and chat and the same time…it was soooo good. My Mom has never been to Toronto so it was nice to share that with her :)

Started my photography class on Saturday…I came out of it a little more confused than when I went in! I think maybe I didn’t explain my idea very well because the teacher thinks I’m doing something else…I have no idea how to explain it but I better figure it out and fast!

We had a “Yard” BBQ on Saturday it was great! So my building is a building without terraces but there is a small side yard/waste land. Last year one the the girls in the building decided to start a garden…slowly as the plants started to grow so did the collection of people who decided to hangout in the “Yard”. This is how I met most of my neighbours! We started a collection of found objects such as lawn chairs, a wagon, an old BBQ, etc...This year more neighbours are joining the “Yard” fun and we have quite a few plants in our garden already.
Yummy…mines in the tinfoil…it’s salmon..

The Garden…full already…I think some stuff will have to be moved once it grows a little

Cutest little garden decoration!

The siting area full of found objects..or freecycled things.

As you can see we have an assortment of “Yard Dwellers” and a few are missing
Apparently a garden can grow many things including Good Times!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hump Day!

Thank God it's almost the Weekend!.... Well OK...its only hump day but that's a lot closer than it was on Monday!

The Weekend past was great...went to a movie on Friday night, "Water for the Elephants", it was awesome. I read the book and loved it so I was pleased when the movie stayed true to the book. I was a bit sceptical about going to see it because some people have said it wasn't all that good, but as long as you can get past Robert Patterson as Edward from Twilight and see him as this new character you'll be fine.

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day finally so we spent the entire day outside, we walked down to our local coffee house and proceeded to hunt down some BBQ necessities. We had a "Yard" BBQ planned with our neighbours in the afternoon and it was delish. Ribs, kabobs, sausages, pasta salad, grilled asparagus and portabellos.....and for desert Grilled pineapple with Cinnamon and brown sugar......yummmmm.

After waking up on Sunday feeling the effects of being outside all day the day before I was kinda glad it was raining. I planned out what we were going to eat this week for lunches and suppers and picked up my groceries. $20 under budget! Then spent the rest of the day watching made for TV movies...gotta love rainy days.

I think the the problem with my meal planning before was that I was trying hard to make sure everything was super healthy and I had no idea what to make for every meal! So I went back to starting small again...starting out with our regular meals; pasta, stir fry, chicken, etc; but then I added in a super healthy lunch for me. Now that I think about it none of my meals are very unhealthy...hmm maybe it's all in my head

Monday night I went to a step class at the gym and found out exactly how uncoordinated  I am...I had never sweat so much it my life! After the gym I showered off and hoofed it to the Auld Spot Pub where I met with some of the Girls from Photography. We chatted up a storm until 12am,  when I got home I think I literally died.

Tuesday after work I met with my friend Clinton that I haven't seen in 2 years we had supper at the Loose  Moose and walked around town for a bit. On the way home I stopped at my neighbours house to say Happy Birthday and drop off a card, it was 11:15pm by the time I got home.

All in all it's been a busy week...and it's only half over. I have nothing on the go tonight but I do have to spend the night brain storming about my proposal for Photography class that is starting Saturday. I still don't have a concrete idea...wish me luck..