Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekend Wanders

So this weekend was a busy one...

I took a step toward one of my photography goals...I signed up for my last Photography class need for my certificate! Good right?...not so good...the class was full already and now I'm on a wait list....*sigh*. I will just have to show up at the first class and see if anyone has dropped out and beg the teacher to let me in! On the bright side my boss has offered to pay for my course so I can use that money somewhere else in my budget!

Marks cousin Michael came to visit, he hasn't been to Toronto since he was a little kid so a lot of sightseeing was in order. We went to Niagara Falls on Saturday. It was a beautiful day ...warm & sunny, we walked around and of course did some gambling. I had budgeted myself $20 bucks for the Casino and I won $100 so I took it and ran...I ran right to the outlet mall and bought myself a new coat and sun glasses! I guess I probably should of saved it, that would of been the smart thing to do, but at least it was an outlet mall...more bang for my buck...right?..right..

Me at the falls...a bit over exposed...not bad for a cell phone picture
 Michael's visit wasn't just for fun he was here to pick up a European Boxer puppy from a breeder in Harley, ON. So our way back from Niagara on Saturday evening we picked him up. I forgot how much I LOVE puppies! He was very cute...until he threw up...I moved the blanket just in time to save my leg! I guess he didn't like his first car ride, but he slept the rest of the way.

look at that face!
On Sunday the boys went to a raptors game leaving me to puppy sit...we played in the yard & in the park but mostly we did a lot of napping...

At the Park

He was so tired he sat on my feet and went to sleep..this is what I saw when I looked down
Meal planning is still off to a rocky start and I only have one session left with my trainer. I asked her to help me come up with a workout schedule to keep me on track...guess we will see how that goes. I went for a run/walk today at boss has decided that we should do it at least 2 times a week...which is great...nothing like getting paid to exercise! 

I'm am off to do some more meal planning and blogging research...anyone know how to put a border on a picture? :)

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