Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So What's in a Name?

When I decided to write a blog I started reading about how to create one. As it turns out the name is really important...hello first stumbling block! I am not very creative and my writing skills are non-existent so this was a particular challenge. I turned once more to Google (my right hand man) ...”how to name a blog”...this came up with a wealth of sites offering up their best brainstorming ideas. A lot of them involved branding, domain names etc., but there were three tips that stood out across the board, so to make my life easier I’d thought I’d start with those:

  1. Describes Your Blog (ok so...me admitting to the world that I have a huge procrastination problem, and me trying to fix it...)

  2. Short- no more than 3-4 words (...umm... how do I shorten that...)

  3. Unique, memorable or catchy (Shit, now I’m done...)

Ok can't stop now...I can do this...Break out the Dictionary & Thesauruses!

My first attempt came up with “Proclamation of Procrastination” ...proclamation roughly means giving public notice and procrastination...well we know what that means. So pretty good eh? ...umm...not really...close though, it reminds me of people in suits....too formal, too ridged...and I’m neither. I needed word for Procrastination that didn’t sound so...evil...

So I started to think... what are some ways to say procrastinator? Dilly-dallier seemed to sick out (mainly because I think it’s a funny word and it makes me smile), so I looked it up...It’s a person who wastes time especially in indecision, a daydreamer. Great...perfect...just the word I was looking for...now to make it catchy. After some deliberation Diary of a Dilly-Dallier was the result... It’s as creative as I get...sad i know!

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