Thursday, April 28, 2011

Silver lining

Immediately after posting my last post I wanted to take it down! I couldn’t believe I posted that out there for people to see! Moment of weakness…

But I have changed my mind, I decided to keep it there to remind me that the next time I am having a few rainy days, and I feel like I`m losing my grip, I can start again. I know it will probably take a long time to change, but I WANT to do it! I never want to feel like that again.

After reading the latest post from “Oh She Glows” I felt a little inspired, even though the issues were a little different I felt like some of the questions and answers still applied to me too. Angela is obviously a very strong woman…an inspiration…perhaps I’ll get my “Glow” back too.

I can do this…I CAN do this…Can saying that enough times make it true?

OK! The Shit List That Kicked My Ass: (doesn’t look like much when you write it down)
  1. Make pillow covers – Done and they look good..yea!
  2. Make Apron – Ok I have it cut out….it just needs to be sewed together…the hard part
  3. Meal Planning – Stumped, this is hard when you are planning for 2 and 1 is picky…perhaps I should add clean out the fridge to this list?
  4. Eat Breakfast Everyday – I can’t seem to get out of bed early enough
  5. Exercise 3 Days a Week – ha…I should of known better! perhaps I should work my way up to this one
  6. Take More Pictures – Took pictures didn’t take them off the Camera…mmm
  7. Do My Taxes – Did them today…and I’m getting money back! woot!
  8. Come up with Proposal for Photography Class – I have a couple of  ideas….nothing solid yet though…8 more days
Now just one thing at a time…what will the weekend hold?


I added this picture just because it makes me smile…I love  my Kitties

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