Thursday, May 26, 2011

Missing in action...

I haven't been posting again! At least this time I didn't have a mental break down..I've just been outside. It's been a busy few weeks even though I feel like I haven't accomplished much. I went to the gym at least once a week and have been doing some gardening and that a little bit of exercise at least. I have completely fallen off the wagon with my healthy eating, but at least I didn't gain.

Here a sum up of my past few weeks:
  • Cleaned windows inside and out...with help from Mark
  • Cleaned entire Apartment except the spare room
  • Swapped out summer and winter clothes...gave a full garbage bag of clothes away
  • Had a golfing lesson and played 9 holes on simulator with work (we have entered into a golfing tournament)
  • Played my first round of golf ever on real course with Mark, Jenn, & Irma
  • Booked flight and hotel for CJ's & Cheryl's wedding in August
  • Booked ticket home for Christmas (I am on the ball this year!)
  • Planted some plants under my apartment windows ( hopefully this will keep the apartment cleaner!)
  • Spent some time lounging and BBQing in the "Yard"
  • Saw the movie "Bridesmaids"....Awesome!
  • Set up the BBQ at work...mmm lunch time BBQ's
  • Worked on the Photography assignment...not going very well pictures are very boring....argh!

This weekend I hope start getting back on track with my eating & drinking... starting with breakfast, thinking about trying overnight oats and Smoothies. Anyone know where to find some good recipes?

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