Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thinking Ahead...

So I've created a budget and hopefully if all goes well I will be dept free in 6 months give or take. I don't know if anyone else has ever watched "Til' Dept do us Part" on Slice but Gail has a great set of Resources on her site and that is where I got my budget template.

I've also gathered all my papers for my taxes today and I will get them done either tomorrow or Monday. I opened an RRSP account with  my bank...I have nothing in it yet...but hey, it's a start!

Next up....Photography, Meal Planing, & Exercise Log

I currently have an Olympus 510 DSLR. When I got my camera I started photography classes at my local college and I became addicted! . Now I am just one course shy of having my photography certificate, but like everything else it seems like I will never finish it! If you want to see some of my pictures you can check out my Flickr.

Since I've been out of school for a little while I haven't been using my camera quite as much, I feel out of practice...use it or lose it! 

So guess I have two goals:
  1. Start using my camera (I plan on posting some to my Sunshine Sketches of a Little life page)
  2. and finish my certificate!
The meal planing & exercise log are going to take just a little more research.

Right now I have a fridge full of stuff that is semi-unhealthy that I need to clear out, however due to budget restraints I can't just throw it all out and start over. My biggest problem with food is portion control.....I LOVE food! so if anyone has any ideas feel free to share.

As for my exercise..I have two more training session left with my trainer then I am on my own for awhile. I am hoping that in these last two sessions I can have her help me figure out a schedule/plan that I can do on my own...the problem with that is that I am on my own...did I mention that I have no will power? On top of that I injured my Hamstrings yesterday so now I shuffle along like Sophia from the Golden Girls...hopefully it doesn't take a long time to heal!

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