Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm in!!!!!! Phew!

Well it looks like I'm not going to have to beg for my life after all! I got an email yesterday saying that someone dropped out the course and I was first on the waiting list! Yea! The only bad news is that once my boss's found out the price of the course I think they changed their mind about paying for on the poor bus.

The course I signed up for is called Digital 5, the point of this course is to get you color adjusting your pictures and printing them so they turn out how you intended. I am excited about that...there is nothing worst that printing a picture and it looks nothing like it did on your computer. We have to  produce a series of photographs as if we were doing a gallery show and at the end an impartial person will judge how well our series reflect what we were trying to convey.

However what I am not excited about is that before the first class I have to have a written proposal of what I plan to do. Yikes! I am terrible with coming up with ideas...especially under pressure! First class is May 7th, that leaves 3 weeks to research...wish me luck...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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